11 Alternative Dating Apps To Tinder


Want to rely on technology to find the prince charming online? Know that the famous swipe Tinder is far from the only recipe connected to find love. The proof with 11 dating apps that play the role of Cupid 2.0 as effectively as their big sister with the fiery logo.

1- Happn

Who has not missed a heartbeat seeing a stranger in the street, dreaming of throwing the entire contents of his bag on the ground to engage in conversation? Happn offers to play the role of a modern Sherlock and allow us to find this fop met with a drink or walking the dog, if he is also registered on the app. This shows indeed on the timeline any user having crossed our path. The next step is to use the charm or liker buttons to get his attention. If he turns out to be interested and gives us a little love in return, then becomes possible to initiate the conversation.

Happn, free and available on Android and IOS.

2- Bumble

It is the app that climbs to the summits and rallies more and more followers and this is not surprising knowing that its creator, Whitney Wolfe, co-founded Tinder. What is special about Bumble? Speaking specifically to women. Indeed, these are the only ones to be able to send a first message to link knowledge. A feminist trend that is much appreciated and avoids being virtually constantly accosted by a crowd of individuals. Another nice option: BFF research. The opportunity to discover the future best friend of our life.

Bumble, free and available on Android and IOS.

3- Reel Me

With Reel Me, no fear of thinking about talking with the hottest guy in the universe and then discovering during the first appointment that he famously abused Photoshop. Here, the meetings are done directly in video. Even the profile is interactive and asks the user to turn a mini-sequence to show up. And, if those who do not feel comfortable facing the camera would do better to go their way, this dating app promises in any case a nice sincerity and authenticity.

Reel Me, free and available on Android and IOS.

4- Badoo

With 377 million members, it’s hard to imagine you can not find the right one on Badoo. The one who has more people than Tinder has the same options plus some nice possibilities including an UNDO, which allows a return if you swipe too quickly or the blocking of a user who is decided not to answer, to avoid harassment.

Badoo, free and available on Android and IOS.

5- Lovoo

Lovoo poses as a mix of Tinder and Badoo. There are match options to like users, radar, to find profiles near home and mini-hearts to signal to the other that we are interested. It also has a travel function to be able to meet during his holidays or city-trips. If it is not revolutionary by its operation, it is nonetheless a nice and reliable tool to perhaps find a prince charming online.

Lovoo, free and available on Android and IOS.

6- Once

Totally different from other dating apps, on Once you do not select potential candidates but it is the program that does it for you, based on your character, your passions and your interests, previously detailed via the profile . Once you introduce a suitor, like a chaperone 2.0 and you have 24 hours to get to know each other. This will be your only meeting possible during this time. In other words, we are far from a frenetic swipe.

Once, free and available on Android and IOS.

7-  Louise

What if love was listening to the same kind of songs? At least that seems to believe Louise, the dating network that is based on the musical style of its users to allow them to find the soul mate. The principle? The ability to interact with those listening to the same tune. And so be sure to start the most harmonious relationship.

Louise, free and available on Android and IOS.

8- Ice Breaker

Are you shy and painful, even online, to engage the contact? So go ahead and discover Ice Breaker. To find the future elected of his heart, we start by preparing a small questionnaire containing three requests from an existing catalog. If you are convinced by a user’s answers, then it’s time to start a conversation. And there, an adorable little penguin comes to participate in the discussions and finally break the ice. A frosty and fun design that will delight all those who are tired of classic dating sites.

Ice Breaker, free and available on Android and IOS.

9- Adopte Un Mec

The creators of Adopt a guy are not cold. The principle of their app? Allow women to buy in males as in the supermarket, where we would place in his cart the products that interest us. If we can say that male candidates to register no doubt lack humor to dare to place itself in the virtual rays of the site, the principle of man-object is not necessarily ultra-tempting. More fun for a fun time than to find the partner of our whole life.

Adopte Un Mec, free and available on Android and IOS.

10- Hater

Who hates the same things come together? At least that’s what Hater thinks because he relies on everything that makes us look good to find the one that suits us. Thousands of topics, from Trump to people who walk slowly, are waiting to receive our opinion and our critics. Once correlated with those of other users, the app finds us the perfect grumbles with which to spend long evenings to pester.

Hater, free and available on Android and IOS.

11 – Weezit

Can not find more 2.0 than this one. No beautiful poetry and seductive phrases to describe ourselves on Weezit, here we go to the basics and we talk about ourselves with hashtags. To be weezible by others we are therefore reduced to the small acronym behind which we add representative words. #Girl #Brunette # LikesGamesVideos #MixVolontiersDesFrites. It is far from being romantic but it has the merit of being direct.

Weezit, free and available on Android and IOS.


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