5 alternatives to Tinder for Free Dating and Fun!


That’s it, it’s over the time of the free Tinder! However, it is not over and the free will not leave the dating apps as soon as possible.

The day after the switch to Tinder Plus (which will prohibit you to distribute your hearts for 12 hours once your gauge empty), we wondered how to continue to meet and flirt online without paying a subscription.

Review of the coolest alternatives to Tinder!

3nder the serious competition

It’s happening at 3nder, which has raised funds for its growth internationally. The idea of ​​the dating app 3nder: “dating for couples”.

Thanks to the geolocation function of your phone, as soon as you connect, you see who you have crossed. Like at Tinder, if it’s okay, if you have a “CRUSH”, the cat opens and you can chat with your sweetheart.

The system of photos? The same as Tinder, you can load up to nine. On the likes in common, you will know nothing. On friends in common, you will know nothing. It feels good a bit of mystery!

Seductive coach’s verdict: a great idea, knowing that you cross and re-cross. Attention, some girls are already freaking that we can cross them in the neighborhood and it gives test 3nder psychopaths …

The dark spot: Happn’s desire for immediate monetization, understandable from a marketing point of view. If your “heart” does not take, you can always send a “CHARME” … as on AdopteUnMec. The charm is obviously paying … We want to believe, so that the French Love reigns over the world!

Louise, the dating app for music lovers

It seems that music softens manners. I do not count the number of musician friends who seduced thanks to the question “What are you listening to? ”

Music is emotion, it’s sweetness, it’s a certain sensitivity. It’s like a perfume, we are sensitive or not, we are receptive or not. Recently, a girl said to me, “See you after my concert?” I listened to two pieces, and I thought no, we were not going to be compatible …

Louise is a dating app created by the Nantais Gwenhael Louise, focused on discovering music and sharing your musical tastes.

By selecting the styles of music we like, it automatically connects us with listeners who share this inclination. It is then possible to see who listens to the same songs as us, and even to connect to what someone else is listening to who uses Louise and to get in touch with him if you like the song.

Our verdict: we had a hard time setting the profile photos … But what a joy to discover the two users of Louise around us, one in Montreux, one in Metz. So go your way, do not bother downloading the dating app Louise!

And then seriously, faith of a trolly coach, when I can not find the app on Android, it tends to break my ***, you know what I mean …

Hinge: Meet real people in real life with your real friends

And for laughter, the baseline: “Make it happen”. Meet the friends of your friends. The importance of the social circle emphasized once again. With Hinge, this US dating app, you are promised to meet only friends of friends and avoid “randos” (random encounters with unknowns with whom you will have nothing in common).

The concept is ultra close to Reelation, a French start-up that unfortunately did not take off in 2012, probably too far ahead of its time!

Verdict coach seduction: we will see what it gives, it can be interesting. Probably not developed enough in France for the moment unfortunately.

IceBreaker: the most practical for the shy

When you do not know what to say to start the conversation on other dating apps, IceBreaker does the job for you by offering mini QCMs to break the ice.

An example to approach Karine: the question “What do we do with a euro? », The app offers 3 answers.

We scratch a game to double the stake
We go 1 hour of vélib ‘
We have coffee at the bar

Verdict of the ADS team: It still lacks people on it, but it’s probably the dating app that made us laugh!

DOWN, formerly Bang with friends

Direct ass plan, cash, concrete, without blah. At the base, Down was called Bang with friends and allowed to match only if you agreed to sleep with this person in your list of Facebook friends.

It’s better than wanting to sleep with strangers, really? The real tension, the real interest of this dating app is to realize, once in 1000, that this girl that we liked for a long time is OK too to get laid.

It’s beautiful, neo-romanticism …

To know also: bonuses!

For men who love women who love beards, discover BRISTLR!

For men who are tired of women, it will obviously Grindr …

If you have other dating apps to help us discover, we listen! In the meantime, find new features to chat on Tinder Plus.


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