App design: 10 Tips for Designing the Perfect Mobile App Icon


Tips for Designing the Perfect Mobile App Icon

Do you have a great mobile app idea? You probably know what its features will be, but have you thought about other important elements for the success of your project such as marketing strategy and app design? For the latter, you will not only have to think about the structure of the application and its graphics. Without a good application logo, you will not even be able to launch your product on the market.


How to make a good impression with your app logo

We can train our first impressions in just one-tenth of a second. A look is enough to judge a person or know, for example, if a garment pleases us. These first impressions, even if incredibly powerful, can be changed as you go to a person and get to know them better. However, when a consumer gets a bad impression of a product he sees at the store, he simply goes his way. He does not buy it. That’s why you need a good application logo. Visual elements such as the well-designed icon and logo provide more downloads.
How to create a perfect application logo?

Are you ready to start creating your application logo? Before you can make sketches, you should do some research to prepare yourself.

1. Analyze app design trends before creating an application logo

Trends in app design are constantly changing. Some aspects endure long before evolving, others remain on the market of the applications not more than a season. Before creating your app design, check what is “fashionable”. Also, be sure to check the standards that apply to all the blinds you are targeting.

2. Keep consistency between the application logo and the brand

A mobile application plays an important role in representing the image of one’s business. Although it is necessary to follow the main trends of the market, it is recommended to keep a coherence between the app design and the image of mark. To create an application logo, choose the colors that match your brand’s philosophy.

3. Think about the user

You do not like what is currently fashionable in the app design? You are the creator of the application, it is the image of your brand that we speak, so you always have the last word, but … it is the user who downloads your application and uses it. It is from him that the success of your project will depend. Try to find a compromise between your tastes and market trends.

4. Do not start with the details

It is necessary to treat each detail of your logo of application, but not immediately. It is recommended that you first define a main idea, that is, the colors and outline of the logo, and then look at the details. You can create a “standard” logo and then change some aspects to suit the requirements of the blinds.

5. Avoid complexity

Some people think that a complex application logo will be better perceived by mobile users because it is more elaborate. It’s quite the opposite. Due to the small size of mobile phones, it’s all about simplicity.

6. Choosing the right font

A good application logo is simple. It is recommended to avoid putting words inside, since they will be almost unreadable on mobile devices. In case you want to use one or more letters to create your logo, go for a simple font, if possible sans serif.

7. Do not let yourself be guided by fashion to differentiate

If we follow the evolution of the app design, we realize that each change only brings even more simplicity. The use of applications becomes more and more intuitive. But by dint of wanting to follow fashion, you risk to deprive your application of its innovative character. It is, for example, easy to find an application whose logo is blue with a white pattern in the middle. By creating a similar logo, you will have very little chance to differentiate yourself from the competition. Do not be afraid to innovate to get noticed.

8. Simplify as much as possible

We have already said it and repeated it, but it is better to insist on this point, because it is by far the most important. Mobile users are looking for simple applications. If your logo is complex, they will be able to imagine, perhaps wrongly, that your application is too.

9. Ask for an opinion

Or better yet, several opinions. By working on your logo, you will get used to seeing it and will not notice its flaws. By asking the opinions of others, you can also check if your logo adapts easily to different tastes.

10. Get inspired but NEVER copy

You can still get inspired by millions of other applications or websites available in the markets. Use it to find ideas, ideas, but do not copy them. This will not help you stand out from the competition and, in addition, may cause legal problems.


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