How to create an Android game in 5 Steps


Creating an Android game is slowly becoming an obsession for mobile application developers. This is not surprising since games are the most sought after category of applications. Android, in turn, is the most used system in the world. According to Statistics data, 41.2% of all downloads on Google Play Store are games.

If this category enjoys great popularity, it does not mean that any game for Android can be successful in this very competitive market. This article will give you some tips for defining a good game project for Android, that is to say, a project that will allow you not only to attract mobile users but also to retain them.

1. Find your place in the market

There are approximately 2.2 million apps on Google Play Store. Creating a unique Android game to differentiate yourself from the competition may be the biggest challenge you face. Even if your idea seems innovative, it is necessary to study the market to understand what your competitors offer and what are the advantages that you will be able to put forward to attract the users. Finally, do not forget to look at how others are doing to monetize their applications, because you will have to set a reasonable price for yours.

2. Invent a good story

There are hundreds of war, combat or platform games available on Android. At first sight, writing an original (and engaging) storyline may seem simply unfeasible. You can, however, take inspiration from an already existing game to make improvements, new options or whatever you want, to offer a better product. You may find your inspiration through our article on different types of mobile games.

3. Find the right professional developer (s)

To create a simple Android game, you only need to hire a single developer with app design skills. However, large projects will require the intervention of several professionals such as designers, programmers and finally the marketing experts who will be responsible for doing a market analysis, choosing the right method to monetize your application and finally the promote. They can also help you set up the ASO and the indexing app. Do not hesitate to consult the WebRankinfo folder for more information on the latter.

Many developers focus first on the technical development of the game and then “pass” to the marketing part. However, the marketing strategy is essential to know how to make the application profitable, and it is necessary to define it from the beginning of the project.

4. Create a game easy to understand

“Easy to understand” and not “easy to finish”. Mobile users lack patience and if they have to spend an hour with a tutorial to understand how the game works, they will get tired before they even start. It is essential that the gameplay is simple and very clear. In case the game you plan to create is more complex, do not hesitate to offer users a short tutorial at the first launch of the game.

An important factor to consider is also the language in which your game will be available. It is true that many players are used to English, but some misunderstandings could prevent them from understanding the game. To make them more comfortable it is recommended to translate the game to the language of the target market. This will allow you to reach more potential users.

Finally, do not hesitate to ask people outside the project to test the game before it is launched on the market. It’s the most effective way to make sure no detail escapes you.

5. Make the game known

A good scenario, a beautiful design, simple gameplay … Creating an Android game, as excellent as it is, is not enough to guarantee success if you do not talk to potential users. You need to develop a mobile strategy that includes these elements:

Make a good reference to your mobile game, or say otherwise, set up a good App Store Optimization: find a captivating title for your game, write a good description and put clear screenshots.

Promote the game on all possible channels. You can send press releases to the media and talk to bloggers. Paid advertising campaigns such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are also a good alternative for acquiring users, especially at the birth of the application.
Take care of the Indexation App with which your app’s content will appear in Chrome’s search results on mobile devices.

Retaining the user is essential. If it only downloads your game without ever using it, you will not be able to make your project profitable. There are several methods to engage users: notifications, reward systems, online competitions with friends …

Only five points to create a successful Android game? At first glance, it does not look complicated, but you will quickly realize that to properly define all the details of your project, you will need a lot of time. Do not be discouraged ! Mobile games certainly require more work than other types of applications, but at the same time they are also the most profitable.


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