Improve the performance of your mobile application with App Analytics


App Analytics  Measure user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization for your iOS and tvOS apps with App Analytics on iTunes Connect.

Nothing is perfect. Even if you have hired the best team of developers, your mobile application will need regular updates. Operating systems are evolving, new trends in app design appear … Finally, there may be some options that users do not like. To know exactly which updates your application requires, the best solution is to analyze App Analytics data that tracks, measures, and understands how mobile users interact with applications. There are five key points to remember about this.

1. Use App Analytics when you launch the app

Launching the application is just one step of your mobile development project. The real goal is to attract users, build loyalty and ultimately generate profits. To achieve this, you will need to keep an eye on what is happening within your application and, most importantly, define a marketing strategy well before the application is posted on the stores. Set clear goals and analyze user behavior from the first day. In this way, you can understand, for example, what causes them to abandon your application. It will then be easier for you to prepare useful updates.

2. Increase the conversion rate of the application

With App Analytics, you’ll be able to track user interactions with your app in detail. The order of viewing the screens will allow you, for example, to understand which path they take in the application. You can use this information to improve the UX and develop a loyalty campaign tailored to each visitor.

3. Know who uses the app

App Analytics gives you access to a wide variety of information about your users: which country do they come from? What URL led them to the application? Did they download it directly from the store? You will be able to use this data for your marketing campaigns, for example, to customize your offers based on user profiles.

4. Know which platform to prioritize

What type of smartphone do mobile users use to connect to your app? This is important because it will allow you to set priorities for your marketing strategy. If you find, for example, that most of the loyal users of your application have an Android phone, then you will know that you have to give priority to this platform, that is to say, improve it before all the others .

5. Get a ROI from your mobile app project

App Analytics is above all a tool that will make your application project more profitable. Without measuring the performance of your application, you will not know what works and what does not work. You will then be able to offer useless updates which, besides being expensive, will not allow you to increase your conversion rate. With App Analytics you will have more visibility on what is happening within the application and you can anticipate the needs of your users.

Keep in mind that application development never ends. It is a process of continuous improvement. You will constantly analyze and optimize the application to retain and retain users.


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