Lovoo : The Best Dating App in Germany for Hookups


Lovoo combines many of the features that other dating apps have, making it one of the best apps for mobile dating. Also in the app you can use all functions and find other singles for flirting and data on the go.

Lovoo in the practice test

Thanks to the modern interface, the appealing layout and the live function, Lovoo definitely scored points with us, but the fake profiles and limited mailboxes are quite a problem for unscrupulous use as a flirtapp.

All features of Lovoo are modern, straightforward and easy to understand and theoretically allow you to get to know many singles. However, it pays to invest in a VIP membership, if you want to successfully contact them. In the field test, it often happened to us that the mailboxes were full of those who were being addressed and the messages could not be delivered.

Design and operation

Lovoo captivates with a colorful yet modern and clear design on the website and in the app.

Is Lovoo a dating or hookup app?

Both as well: Lovoo is what you make of it. Some people just want to boost flirting and their self-esteem or check their market value, but others are also looking for a long-term relationship. However, most users of a dating app are more likely to look for short-term relationships and fun.

In principle, you do not have to pay to use Lovoo (https://lovooapp.com/), but it is worth it for men, because messages are guaranteed to be delivered. Otherwise, Lovoo can be a depressing experience if you can not connect with others because they have full mailboxes.

After signing up, you should also see the prices for the memberships on the desktop, as they can vary depending on the device.

Lovoo Special features

Lovoo live radar

With the Lovoo radar, you can stay up to date on the go and find singles in your area, so you might want to meet them spontaneously. With GPS location you get specific partner suggestions that surround you.


If you are interested in another single, you can easily follow him like social networks, and you will always see new profile pictures and other news related to the user.

Live video

Similar to Stories on Instagram and Co., members can now share their experiences with videos on Lovoo and prevent fake allegations. But of course you can also show other things: pets, concert visits, book collections …

In addition, you can earn money with it – much like influencers – other viewers can give you virtual gifts (diamonds) that you can turn into money.


Lovoo combines many interesting features for flirting and getting to know each other in an app, making it a lot of fun to use. However, there are also often card-rich and fake profiles – for the serious Dating should therefore consider dating agencies.

Is it also possible to use Lovoo on the desktop?

Yes, Lovoo does not have to be forcibly used in the app, but can also be used on tablet, laptop or PC on the website.


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