Top 4 Apps to Meet New People This Summer


In less than a year, Tinder has become the king of dating sites. But if, like us, you are tired of excessive zapping on a catalog of faces (or worse …), here are four applications to test to find love. Or almost.

Feeld App, for threesomes

Feeld, launched in mid-2014 under the name 3nder, wants to wring its neck at the beginning of flat conversations by proposing, as its name suggests, to be a real ice breaker. We connect in one click via his Facebook (or an email account) as any self-respecting application, and quickly we have an updated profile and soon you can start conversation with other couples interested in threesomes.

The principle ? In an icy environment punctuated with cute penguins, we answer, from our first connection, three questions that will have been chosen in various categories (personality, love, etc.), far from being stupid, and full of humor.  On the same principle as Tinder, we pass, or, if the profile we like, we press the photo, and we answer religiously to the three questions chosen.

PROS: Feeld is very playful. We are surprised to want to answer all the questions asked by strangers, trying to anticipate their tastes according to their facies. (Well, he has a quickdraw to prefer girls who dress like Nabilla for a first date …)

CONS: if Feeld is a real “conversation launcher” (practice for shy boys), the magic of good words and funny questions does not last: we quickly receive a typical “hi it goes”, which would make us almost return Fiss on Tinder. And then, is this concept really effective? Seeing the lack of connivance in our responses, we are clearly less tempted to engage the conversation, while potentially, a love story could very well be lived with a man who prefers Brigitte Bardot to Brigitte LaHaie, and we do not ( or the contrary).

PlayMe dating app

After some connection problems, we finally arrive on the home of PlayMe and its “players”. Always on the principle of zapping, we go from one profile to another until we find the one that inspires us. But unlike this damn Tinder, we can go back, in case we would have unexpectedly zapped the future love of our life.

The principle ? Mini-quizzes are timed with five questions, and the game is played in three rounds. Once we have answered our questions, the player is invited to answer, etc., etc., until, tired of guessing quotes, we end up talking a little.

PROS:: it’s a little “Questions for a champion” of love, we can at least check the minimum of general knowledge of his future partner (his good answers are displayed.)

CONS: you have to switch to premium mode, understand paying, to avoid the many ads that pollute the navigation and enjoy cool options, like sending a penalty (the other player will read a vague question as if he had drunk vodka , or a question without vowels …) Finally, the fact of seeing the points can make competitive, besides which one is quickly tempted to treat the other of “null” when one puts 13 to him to him.

The Happn app, for romantics

It’s already whispering in the best circles: Happn, it’s Tinder, but less believed. If the latter sticks for the shots of a night with his famous “match”, Happn instead tries to dream our hearts jaded with his “crush”.

The principle: we geolocate and hop! We meet boys who are supposed to have crossed there, in the street, a few meters, in this local bar, the supermarket, the bakery … By chance. Kind. We believe on them, they crush on us, and you know the song.

PROS: there is a small history of boys crossed, which allows you to think twice (or even change your mind), after a crisis of compulsive zapping. At least they do not disappear in the graveyard of missed opportunities.

CONS: we “cross” people even when we are alone, at home. The mysteries of geolocation!

The Invisible Boyfriend app, for those who live abroad

You are tired of Sundays with the family and of this eternal question: “So my darling, do you finally have a serious boyfriend?” Your girlfriends grilled that “Frédéric” did not exist? You do not want anyone since your break with Raoul? You are a stickler and you just dream that you do not care? Invisible Boyfriend is for you.

The principle ? For $ 25 a month, the Invisible Boyfriend (or Girlfriend) app simulates a sentimental relationship: you choose the name of your fake love, its age, certain traits of its personality, the place and circumstances of your encounter … Next , the service of the application is responsible for sending you a hundred SMS per month, a dozen voicemail messages (creepy) and a message written by hand (even more creepy).

PROS: at least, you are quiet, and can, when you cross your ex Raoul play the filled love: “You’ve seen all the text sent me, Elvis?”

CONS: You risk falling in love with your Invisible Boyfriend for real, Joaquin Phoenix way in the movie Her. And then you pay a tidy sum for someone who does not exist and in the evening, your bed is still empty, and your sheets as cold … Namely, the application works only if you have a US phone or Canadian, so notice those living in New York or Toronto!


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